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Character Introductions

Dragon Sleuth Brittany was designed as a follow-up for the fans of our first scalie game. Some of the characters of Dragon Sleuth Brittany were brought over from our first game Salubrious Scales. Salubrious Scales had a very simple story. You play as an unnamed green anthropomorphic snake woman who travels an unnamed island. She jumps from platform to platform, avoiding pitfalls and defeating enemies with her fireball fist and love enticement attacks.

Since the brown dragon design was never used in Salubrious Scales, we gave her a full game to make up for it. This new game, Dragon Sleuth Brittany, takes place a few years after the first game, Salubrious Scales.


Brittany Sweetbottom

Brittany considers herself as the “typical” dragon girl. She is free-spirited and often does as she pleases.

After working the same dead-end job for almost ten years, Brittany wants to move up and become a full fledged sleuth. When a pamphlet hit her desk about missing dragon eggs she knew she had the chance she had been looking for!


Arnie is Brittany’s lifelong friend. After leaving the dragon home islands he has returned, much to Brittany’s Delight.

He is currently employed by Ex-Firelord Mike as a scout and errand boy. Although this is his first job after returning to the lower dragon islands he has aspirations to have a nice home. Upon meeting Brittany he is also hopeful to reignite their old friendship and elevate it to the ultimate level.


Ex-Firelord Mike

Defeated in battle at the hands of Janice the Destroyer, the now Ex-Firelord works on the lower islands as a general mechanic. Loosing the claim to his lands and now living the life as a commoner his attitude has been much more sour than before. Although he lives the life as a commoner, many dragons consider him to still be a lord and without his lands he is estranged royalty. Well at least until he found that Noelle was his next door neighbor.

Firelord Mike

Noelle – Frost Dragon Princess

The second of the three dragon lords of the upper dragon islands. Noelle was also defeated by Janice the Snake. After being defeated she moved down to the lower islands to lavish in the life of a waitress with many benefits.

Noelle the Japanese Christmas frost dragon is the mother of many dragons on the island and for good reason. She uninhibitedly loves sex being pregnant and reproducing. Usually if a friendly male is nearby and wants to bump with her she is more than willing to do so. She always wears revealing clothes, especially those that leave her bottomless so that she can quickly and easily get into the action. Her next door neighbor, Mike, has left her breathless on many occasions. Even though his attitude is awful, she loves him a lot.



Trixie is a beach bum harpy girl that lives in the nearby aviary with her girlfriend Dixie. She only spends her time with Dixie and has a general dislike of dragons even though she is constantly surrounded by them.


Dixie is also a young beach girl that is considered one of the most beautiful harpies on the island. She is always found hanging out and/or making out with her girlfriend Trixie.


Kristina – MMA Dragon Wrestling Champion

Kristina is the uncontested MMA Dragon Wrestling Champion of the entire known world. Her physical prowess on the matt is unmatched. She works out at an extremely high level. Ever since her heart was broken a years ago she only intensified her training and her disdain for male dragons.



Ray is a regular on the beach. When he isn’t splashing everyone with his jet-ski he is on the beach fixing it. He also spends his time projecting his self-importance and ultimately off-putting all of the ladies as a result.


A monetarily rich and elderly sea-dragon that most-often frequents the Dragon’s Den strip club. He has been known to be quite the lady’s dragon with a suave personality and even more impressive personally pleasurable assets available for those that need his services.


Brittany’s Mom and Dad

Brittany’s Mom and Dad passed away a few years ago due to natural causes. With Dragon magic Brittany is able to commune with the dead and hang out with them any time that she pleases.

Brittany's Mom
Brittany's Dad