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Pixel Art Commissions 214×180

We are offering custom pixel art NSFW animation loops at a discounted price. The size of the pixel art canvas is 214 pixels by 180 pixels.

For your commission you will receive one looping animation with a simple background and 2 GIF images. One will be 214×180 and the other will be upscaled to 400%. If you would like us to scale the image to any other image size, please specify on the commission form. Pixel art looks best when it is upscaled in factors of 100.

All commissions are being handled directly by VidyaGameMaka. Be sure to have a discord account and join our discord server.

To order a commission through Patreon:
Sign up for the “Custom Pixel Art Commission” tier. If you order through Patreon you will receive tier 3 Patreon status in addition to your commission. You may immediately cancel your patreon after signing up and you will retain your patreon status for a month. Don’t forget to cancel or change your patreon subscription or you will be charged automatically on the first day of the next month.

To order directly:
Please fill out the following form then contact VidyaGameMaka#1332 on the CherryBlossomGames discord server. Please note that ordering directly will not grant you patreon benefits.

Term of Service — IMPORTANT!!!

We will not produce artwork from another company or person’s intellectual copyright.
You acknowledge that you own the character(s) or have permission to have NSFW art produced for the character(s) you are requesting. If you request a copyrighted character, you will be required to choose a different character. 

You may order art for any character that Cherry Blossom Games owns. View our characters here.
You will be the owner of the commission when it is completed and be used as you wish. If the produced artwork contains Cherry Blossom Games characters, it may not be used for commercial purposes.

Purchase Options

You may either purchase the commission tier on patreon or choose to be invoiced directly. If you choose to be invoiced directly you will not be granted a patreon role. You will be invoiced up-front if you have not purchased the commission tier on patreon.

Customer Review & Approval
You will be sent a single frame for approval of the layout before we animate it. Once you approve the single frame no further changes can be requested.

Commission Que

The following are things we are willing to do.
YES: Anthromorphic Scalies, Furries, Monster Girls
YES: Vaginal, Anal, Oral, Dancing

The following are things we are unable to do.
NO: Feral animals.
NO: under age, loli, cub, scat, vore, birth.
NO: Copyrighted characters. Ex: Sonic, Krystal, Rogue, Bowsette, pokemon

Original Image Sizes

Important Links on this page.

Images upscaled 400%