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Dragon Sleuth Brittany

CBG Characters

This page lists most of the characters owned by Cherry Blossom Games LLC. Dragon Sleuth Brittany Afterglow Brooke

DSB Comic #4 – Double Trouble

[Female/Female/Male] Kristina takes her new boyfriend, Vincent, to get a massage at her favorite place.

DSB Comic #3 – Beak to Beak

[Female / Transgender] – Trixie loves playing little games on Dixie. Including parading her in in front of a big crowd! Art by: SpicyDurassno 🍑

Interview with Vidya & Mr. Hands

This is an interview with the lead developer of Dragon Sleuth Brittany by Mr. Hands of Check out our interview with Naughtylist News!

Sexy Maze – Promo Video

All of the scenes in this video will be available in the upcoming sexy maze in Dragon Sleuth Brittany.

Holidays 2021 – High Rez

These holiday images were created by Darkadibuja. Now available in full resolution!