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Salubrious Scales Support FAQ

Salubrious Scales Support FAQ

When playing at 4K resolution the image quality doesn’t increase.
Salubrious Scales was designed for 1920×1080 resolution in mind. Since Unity uses raster graphics we had to choose a resolution that would suit most people.

Resolution Higher than 1920×1080 makes the game lag.
The latency is caused by your computer’s video card not being fast enough to run at 4K resolution. The game is designed for 1920×1080 so there is no benefit to running a resolution higher than this.

Audio Cracking or Audio not working when switching applications multiple times.
Certain older sound cards or poor quality audio chips on motherboards drop audio streams from Unity when task switching. It is recommended to not switch between the game and other applications if you are having this issue.

My character automatically runs when I plug a controller in.

When you plug in a controller be sure to not press any of the analogue sticks or directional pad. It is best practice to connect your gamepad to your computer before starting the video game.

How fast does my computer need to be to play Salubrious Scales.
Intel 3930 CPU or better
Geforce 960 or better
8GB DDR3 800Mhz or better
1920×1080 video resolution. Higher resolutions do not benefit video quality.